In conversation with professionals and the community groups and charities they have supported. Sharing expertise and insights.

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In conversation with Ipswich BMX Club, CAS, KLH Arhitects & Brix Brand & Creative

Ask the Expert:

Ciara Scallon, Fundraising Consultant

The Giving Heart

Ask the Expert:

Rebecca Cleal from Prettys on Leases

Ask the Expert:

Helen Oldfied from Affinity PR

Ask the Experts:

Lee Green & Giles Kerkham

Larking Gowen on Insolvency

Ask the Expert:

Beverley Gedge from Skybridge Recruimtent & Coaching

In conversation:

Jetty Lane, MHA Larking Gowen,

Andrew Laws & Prettys

In Conversation:

Ellie De Gory from EDRM Architects & Clare Palmier from the Art Station