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Making a difference to the community is an intrinsic part of responsible business

Businesses that integrate corporate and social responsibility into their overall strategy have greater potential to bring about positive change. Investing in your community enhances your reputation, improves staff morale and retention and provides opportunities for development.

Wise Focus

We have a clear and accountable system for processing and monitoring requests to ensure our work is focused and effective.


We consider your time and expertise as highly valuable. We carefully monitor the outputs in terms of your time and involvement.

Clear Eligibility

We apply clear eligibility criteria where we can make the most impact in a time limited way to organisations most in need.

Social Impact

We capture the bigger picture of your involvement with clear evaluation, impact reports and case studies.

Benefits of joining us

Being involved with Suffolk ProHelp can promote good engagement with all your stakeholders: your shareholders, suppliers, staff and customers. Potential benefits include: better brand recognition, positive reputation, increased sales, customer loyalty, greater ability to attract talent and retain staff and networking opportunities.

Business Impact Report

In 2020 we conducted a survey of business involved with Suffolk ProHelp to identify the key business benefits being part of the project. We looked at values, being seen as an ethical business, staff recruitment, retention and development, strategic planning and policy and more. Read the report and discover for yourself the positive impact of being part of Suffolk ProHelp.

Hestur Engineering

We are members of Suffolk Pro Help as we see this as a means of being able to provide professional assistance to organisations which are vital in maintaining the social status of a wide variety of groups; who, without this help would not be able to develop or provide the service required. It also allows the firm, to meet their social obligations as professional people.

Prettys Solicitors

Prettys is committed to providing free (“pro bono”) legal assistance to worthy local causes as part of its corporate social responsibility policy, under which we give back in various ways to the local community. Suffolk ProHelp offers the firm the opportunity to provide pro bono assistance to voluntary and community sector organisations that would otherwise be unable to access the legal advice that they need.


We are a professional

practice providing high quality consultancy advice to clients involved in

property and construction. A desire to put something back into the local community and

to assist organisations who support and help others within our community less

fortunate than ourselves.

Paul Weston Architect

I was very actively involved in the feasibility, fund

raising and architectural services for a new village hall in my village of

Westhorpe. Suffolk ProHelp, was instrumental in providing legal services at the early

stage when we had to transfer the land from Parish Council to our new company

Westhorpe Village Hall. So I have seen first hand the value it brings.

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