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Benefits of joining Suffolk ProHelp

Making a difference to the community is an intrinsic part of responsible business. Businesses that integrate corporate and social responsibility into their overall strategy have greater potential to bring about positive change on a greater scale. Investing in your community enhances your reputation, improves staff morale and engagement, provides opportunities for development and creates a forum for networking.

Suffolk ProHelp co-ordinates and facilitate requests for professional help from the voluntary and community sector in a systematic way. We apply clear eligibility criteria to voluntary groups to ensure we identify those who would most benefit and where your involvement would make a significant difference. We consider your time and availability and the relevant expertise and skills you offer; and we monitor the outputs in terms of your time and involvement and the outcomes for the voluntary sector organisation and wider social impact for communities.

Being involved in Suffolk ProHelp can promote good engagement and collaboration with your stakeholders, which include not only your shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers, but also the community in which you are based and operate. By getting involved in your local community you can create and foster a credible and trusted relationship, enhancing your support over the longer term; and this in turn makes customers think more highly of you.

The potential benefits from involvement include:

  • better brand recognition
  • positive business reputation
  • increased sales and customer loyalty
  • better financial performance
  • greater ability to attract talent and retain staff
  • organisational growth

Building a reputation as a responsible business can lead to competitive advantage. Companies often favour suppliers who have responsible policies, since this can reflect on how their customers see them. Some customers don’t just prefer to deal with responsible companies – they insist on it.

There are real, tangible benefits to being involved in Suffolk ProHelp and sharing your expertise and skills with the voluntary and community sector.

Expectations of member firms

  • Members treat projects done for Suffolk ProHelp clients in exactly the same way as they would treat their fee earning work, other than providing their service Pro Bono.
  • All work carried out on a Suffolk ProHelp project will be carried out within the normal course of business by staff with the appropriate level of supervision and expertise.
  • Members carry appropriate professional indemnity insurance over, which allows for pro bono work to be undertaken. Members are expected to confirm to annually that they are maintaining professional indemnity insurance which they regard to be adequate to cover their contribution
  • As a guideline it is anticipated members will make a contribution of about £5k per annum in expertise. The overall annual target for Suffolk ProHelp is £250k over two years (2017 – 2019) and for which new firms will be recruited as required.
  • Members are free to accept or not accept potential assignments according to their workload without needing to give any reasons
  • The client is informed that should funding be obtained we expect VCSE organisations to give member firms that have enabled their project to be offered the chance to provide their services if follow up work in the same speciality.
  • Member meetings will be quarterly.
  • New members are identified by the scheme manager or via existing members; they are asked to sign a simple commitment form which outlines these expectations and their membership agreed by existing members at regular meetings.
  • Suffolk ProHelp will monitor hours and request information for case studies, this information will be used to monitor benefits and outcomes of ProHelp.
  • Members may withdraw from Suffolk ProHelp at any time by confirming in writing to the ProHelp Manager.

To find out more about becoming a member please contact. I’d be delighted to meet you.

Angela Lee-Foster

Suffolk ProHelp Manager

Community Action Suffolk

t: 01473 345 338 | 07407097750


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