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Please read the ‘How we Help’ section before completing this application form.

From applying to assessment for eligibility to assignment to firm can take up to one month.If you have problems using the online form below then please download our Request Help Form form, complete it and send it to the address on the form with all requested supporting documents.

Organisation Details

Registered Charity - charity numberCompany limited by shares of guarantee – numberSocial EnterpriseCommunity Interest Company – numberIndustrial and Provident SocietyFormally constituted club, association or trustUnconstituted AssociationOther

Please describe your services and the client group you serve.

In an average week how many people use your services?

Pro Help Support Requested


• My management committee has authorised me to make this application on behalf of the Organisation
• I am applying for assistance from Suffolk ProHelp and will be responsible for the project on behalf of the Organisation
• I understand that should you seek further information this does not necessarily indicate a successful application and that when a project is not supported no explanation need be provided
• It is further understood that this application does not form part of any contract to provide series. In the event of a successful application, any contract is solely between my organisation and the professional company providing that service and not Suffolk ProHelp. Finally it is also acknowledged that should funding be obtained for the project the Suffolk ProHelp member(s) involved will be given the work, subject to the fees being reasonable.
• I consent to the details of the organisation appearing in Suffolk ProHelp publications, on the website, and for marketing and promotional activities and will endeavour to secure positive coverage for the project , Suffolk ProHelp and the professional member(s) as appropriate.
• I understand that the details provided on this application form many be forwarded to the professional member(s) of Suffolk ProHelp for their consideration in relation to this application.
• I confirm that the details given are accurate and reflect our current position.

How will we use the information about you?
We will process your request for a service from Community Action Suffolk and manage any account you have with us.
This information may be shared within Community Action Suffolk and it’s subsidiary companies but will never be shared for marketing purposes outside our group of companies. Further information on how we treat your personal data and our group of companies can be found on our privacy policy here

Please ensure you have enclosed ALL of the following information for your request to be considered.
 A copy of your constitution or similar governing document (that states your aims and objectives)
 A copy of your latest accounts or bank statements
 If a limited company, a copy of your latest Annual Return
 A copy of your business plan, if appropriate
 Any additional information you wish to submit in support of your application

Please note: There is a 2mb file limit on each attachment. If you get in any trouble sending the files please email the attachments to and our co-ordinator can assign them against your application.

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