Boxford Playing Fields Management Committee

Whitworth surveyors visited the sports pavilion to inspect the property prior to preparing a report on its condition and their report formed the  basis of work to rectify the wants of repair and provide them with a focus and collateral for their fund raising efforts. FennWright Commercial Surveyors conducted an inspection and survey of the property together with the associated playing fields with a view to providing us with a market valuation. This along with some input from Prettys solicitors, enabled them to complete  the registration of their small charity with the Charity Commission and correctly account for our financial and material assets.
Both of these pieces of work have been essential in enabling us to start on projects to refurbish the condition of our pavilion and to address shortcomings in our governance and compliance. We could not have been able to benefit from the very valuable professional assistance which both FennWright and Whitworth’s have provided without the assistance of Suffolk ProHelp since we quite simply do not have the financial resources to be able to afford to pay for it. We expect to be able to reinvigorate not only our committee but also our village community’s support for the playing fields through a project to refurbish and then relaunch the playing fields pavilion as a much improved venue for community activities. Suffolk ProHelp saved us £2,000 in professional fees and provided us with invaluable professional assistance to achieve results which were quite simply beyond our own competence.”