Emmaus Suffolk

Emmaus needed to strengthen the social enterprise model by stimulating expansion through securing an additional premises to enable more vulnerable individuals to participate in a work framework in their own locality.
With the support of Birketts the charity was able to secure an assignment of two tenancies in Felixstowe. These sites are already open as a new retail outlet for the charity and offering volunteer opportunities to vulnerable adults based in Felixstowe.  The legal advice delivered by the Birketts through the Suffolk Prohelp enabled a small local charity to expand its capacity to both deliver service and increase its independent income generation.  This would not have happened with out the support from Suffolk Prohelp.
The organisation already has  80 volunteers. Having secured their new premises they  have already attracted 5 new people in 3 weeks of trading. The whole process took 3 months from proposal to signing the assignments.
“We secured the tenancy which we would not have done any other way. This will increase our income generation capacity and enable us to reach more vulnerable adults and increase the opportunities and choices we can offer them. Prohelp enabled us to concentrate on spending on service delivery rather than corporate costs. As a charity we must concentrate our expenditure to deliver primarily on our objectives where ever possible.As a charity we concentrate on reducing landfill, promoting ethical products and encouraging people to buy pre-loved items.  Opening a third social enterprise with the help of Prohelp has spread this offer from Ipswich into Felixstowe and the wider east of Suffolk.We take referrals from partner organisations. Supporting and enriching their offers by offering meaningful activities to their client group. Working with us is seen as a progression for the individual. 
We work closely with the Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership and with the benefits service in Felixstowe along with emergency housing providers in the area.”