Jetty Lane

Jetty Lane is to building a new community, youth and arts centre for Woodbridge. They have been granted a 125 year lease on the land and have a fantastic design for the new centre. Their research shows that our eventual hirers are likely to come not only from Woodbridge itself but also from many villages around – so we will be providing a service for hundreds (maybe thousands) of people.
Jetty Lane CIC is run by a small group of 10 people. It’s a large project and although they  have useful skills and experience, there are some gaps in their capabilities. Cordelia Richman says:
 “Suffolk ProHelp have been able to step in and fill the gaps by organising for us to benefit from the expertise of Larking Gowen Chartered Accountants and Prettys Solicitors. Personnel from these companies have helped us and continue to help us enormously, specifically with producing our 1st year accounts and negotiating a contract with funders. Next year Larking Gowen will be assisting us in transitioning to become a charity. These are matters which have legal ramifications and need to be done correctly. Having these well-established companies involved means that we have peace of mind.”
Less tangible, but also important, is that being associated with two professional companies raises the profile of Jetty Lane. We have been able to publicise our association with Larking Gowen and with Prettys and this gives stakeholders, including funders, confidence in us. We’ve been told that they enjoy the Pro-Bono work as well so it seems that this is a win-win situation for all involved.”