Ringsfield Hall

A innovative centre for outdoor learning and nature connection whose core aim to connect with oneself, others and the wide environment and whose core focus is young people and families. With 14.5 acres of woodland and meadow, with a homely Victorian house on site, thousands of children and young people come through their doors (and woods) every year. Their aim is to create an holistic ‘space’ for reconnection: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Whether strengthening families, hosting celebration and discussion, encouraging art, music, and creative expression, or building and facilitating community resilience Ringsfield Hall creates an environment to meet need for reconnection. Suffolk ProHelp is supporting with the initial stages of scoping and planning to help restore the hall’s Victorian Boulton & Paul Span Vinehouse (Greenhouse). The aim being to create an educational and workshop space that will beuse to run education programmesand  teach heritage skills. This is unique building and Ringsfield Hall are hoping to secure Heritage Lottery funding to offer an amazing resource that will broaden it’s reach and scope. Involved in this project are Richard Boother Consultancy, Hestur Ltd, and Norwich  ProHelp Member’s Purcells Architects.